The Golden Years

 |  Aug 6th 2009  |   4 Contributions

Police dogs put their lives on the line everyday to help serve and protect. In return they do not always get the recognition and respect they deserve, especially when retired. One such dog is Cee, a police dog who has worked with Sgt. Eddie Rodrique III for the last 10 years.

Cee is about to retire and would normally be sent to the Lafourche jail to live out his golden years. Rodrique can't bear for this to happen and has appealed to the town to let him adopt the dog. On Tuesday the city council will decide whether to allow him to buy Cee for $1. I will be appalled if the answer is not yes.

I was just reading an article about British police dogs and a new plan to help ensure their golden years are happy ones.

It's easy to forget the contributions that police dogs provide for their handlers, but police across the pond in Cambridgeshire, UK, have devised a plan to ensure that their police dogs are taken care of. Starting later this year, police dogs will begin receiving pensions to cover their care once they retire. How's that for socialist health insurance?

In the past, retired British police dogs were taken care of by their handlers or given up for adoption. But members of the force wanted to find a way to recognize the public service that the dogs had provided.

"They serve us for seven or eight years as good police dogs and often only have two years retirement to enjoy, so it's only right to provide for them during this time," dog unit sergeant Steve Krawczy told the Daily Mail. "So we put together a package for the dogs. It covers the retired dog's food, vaccinations and worming, vet bills, as well as complementary therapy."

What a great idea, two big paws up for our friends across the pond.

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