The Dog Ate My...Car

 |  Oct 30th 2008  |   2 Contributions

Since I always like to leave things on an up note I have a funny story out of Australia.

I've heard of the dog eating your homework but never a car.

A DARWIN man woke yesterday to discover dogs had eaten his car.

And he says it's not the first time it has happened.

Clayton Dwyer, 47, of Millner, thought his girlfriend was kidding when she woke him up and told him his work ute had been gnawed by a pack of savage dogs. But when he walked outside his Beetson Place home he discovered this was no joke.

His front bumper had been ripped from the car and chewed to bits by the dogs. They had even tried to munch on the front panels.

"You can see the teeth marks," he said.

Asked what he thought when he first saw the damage, Mr Dwyer said: "Doggone it! That's a bit ruff."

The landscape gardener said the pack of wild dogs had been lurking around his neighbourhood for months.

"My girlfriend's car got eaten about three months ago," he said. "At first we thought it had been attacked with a hammer, but we took it to the panel beaters and he said it was dogs. You could see the teeth marks on it."

Dwyer wasn't sure if insurance would cover this. Hmmm...I gonna have to say no.


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