The Bark Heard Round The World

 |  Jun 17th 2009  |   3 Contributions

While reading the news this morning I found out there is actually a Guinness World Record for the loudest bark. Who knew?

A group of dogs in north London have set a new world record for the loudest collective bark.

The 30 dogs emitted a group bark of 115 decibels in Finsbury Park, breaking the record of 111 decibels set by 224 dogs in US state Vermont last year.

A German shepherd dog called Daz Lightning set the loudest individual bark record at 108 decibels.

Guinness World Records adjudicator Marco Frigatti witnessed the event and confirmed both new records.

The 30 dogs were given three chances to break the group bark record, succeeding on their final attempt.

While Bo and Copper couldn't win loudest bark I'm pretty sure they could set a record for most things barked at. Let's see-squirrels, leaves, people, dogs, UPS guy, FedEx guy, mailman, cats, doorbell, doorbell on TV, and... nothing.

* Photo courtesy BBC NEWS UK


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