Thai Police Recruiting Pet Dogs to Help Police

 |  Jan 30th 2007  |   5 Contributions

Thanks to Gulf Daily News for this information!

Thai police recruiting pet dogs

BANGKOK: In the wake of unprecedented New Year's Eve bombings in the Thai capital, police are recruiting pet dogs to bolster the thin ranks of its professional canine squads. And the response from pet owners has been good.

"These dogs will help the police dog unit, which is now short-handed," said a police officer.

He said said that so far owners of 133 German shepherds and Labradors have stepped forward to offer their pets for a two-day basic training program.

"We teach them to sit, crawl, wait and respond to the call of the owner," he added.

The first batch of recruits will return on March 10, with the best candidates selected to undergo more intensive training and eventually take a test before qualifying for the job of detecting bombs and narcotics.


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