Texas Labrador Retriever Suzie Saves Man Trapped in Mud

 |  Feb 5th 2007  |   2 Contributions

Lassie has nothing on Suzie! Sounds like a movie is in here somewhere!

Thanks to United Press International for this story.

Dog saves trapped man from hypothermia

NEWARK, Texas, Feb. 3 (UPI) -- A Texas man trapped in the mud was saved from hypothermia by a firefighter's dog that brought him blankets and hot packs to help him stay warm, a report says.

The Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram said after the unidentified man became trapped in the mud 500 feet from the bank of Texas' Eagle Mountain Lake Friday, a Labrador retriever named Suzie helped him fight off the cold by providing him with supplies.

Newark Volunteer Fire Department officer Chris Cromer said his dog's life-saving efforts, which he coordinated until the man could be pulled to the bank by a rope, were simply a representation of its everyday behavior.

"If I eat a plate of food in the living room, she takes the plate to my wife in the kitchen," he said. "She'll go get my remote for me for the TV."

The dog later was used to calm the man's infant son as officials finally rescued the man from the dangerous area.

Afterwards, Cromer said the city's newest hero was content to just wait her turn for care.

"She's laying here on a towel waiting for her bath right now," he told the paper on Friday. "She's kind of wore out."


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