Tennessee Great Pyranees Mixes Saved from Being Unfairly Euthanized

 |  Dec 21st 2006  |   1 Contribution

My sympathies to the family of the woman killed in this attack but I have to commend Mr. Gammada for standing his ground. His actions forced the authorities to look for the real culprits and saved the lives of his apparently innocent dog! Way to go!

And here's a question for the authorities who, at least from what I'm reading, seemed to have jumped to conclusions about these dogs. Why? If they were in their yard, what made you go after them? Was it because theya re big and you think all big dogs are dangerous? Was it something else? The moral of the story is DON'T make assumptions about dogs just because of size or breed!

Thanks to WBIR for covering this part of the story!

Dogs suspected in fatal attack cleared, will not be euthanized

A pair of Great Pyrenees dogs have been spared from being euthanized after a prosecutor said that genetic tests have failed to show they killed a Franklin County woman in a vicious attack.

Dianna Acklen died in May when she was bitten several hundred times by dogs as she was walking in her neighborhood.

After genetic testing came back inconclusive, District Attorney General Mike Taylor said he was unable to take legal action to dispose of Ephraim Gammada's pair of mixed Great Pyrenees. The third dog, a mixed breed owned by Ronnie Swann, has already been euthanized.

Gammada refused to allow his dogs to be euthanized until the tests were completed. He claimed that the dogs were in a closed pen at his home when he left for work before the attack and were still there when he returned.

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