Tennessee Dogster Suspects Dogfighting Ring in Her Area, Help Her Report It

 |  Aug 20th 2007  |   1 Contribution

Sootsy barked in to ask for help in reporting a suspected dogfightig ring near her in rural Tennessee. Can any Dogster tell her the right people to call in Tennessee?

Bark in if you can give Sootsy some advice or direct help.

Sootsy barked:

I live in a rual area of Tennessee and just before the discovery of Vick's atrocious crimes I had become suspicious of the activities concerning animals on a property some miles from me. Since then I've heard a rumor about dog fights! I'm 70 years old and confined to my home after a recent surgery. I will be months before I'm able to get out and do anything. If someone can instruct me on what I can do via my pc I'd sure appreciate it.


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