Tekoa, Washington Dogster JD Needs Help, Pet Parent Doubts Claim JD Bit Neighbor's Child

 |  Jan 13th 2008  |   8 Contributions


JD's furmom Tina barked in this call for help. Dogster JD may be facing a bum rap. If you have any advice you can offer furmom Tina or if you live in the area and know of any groups or lawyers who could advise her, please pawmail JD.

I need help ASAP. I have a 2year old Yellow Lab that the city of Tekoa Wa. whats to kill. He was accused of bitting a 8 year old boy. I asked for proof that it was my dog as he has never bitten anyone and is not a aggressive dog. The child was ruff playing in another nieghbors yard with their Chow. The Chow has bitten before.

My Lab did get out our yard and was running lose. The City of Tekoa don't put down dogs hummly. They take them out in to a field and shot them and then dump the bodies in to a pound out side the city. If they show me proff that my dog did bit the child then I'll have him put down by my Vet. But I want more then just hear say. I want pictures of the bite mark and proff that it was my Lab and not the Chow. I need help saying my dog and time is running out for him. Please if you can help me please call me at 509-284-3419 or email me at TinaInTekoa@peoplepc.com Pease help me save JD. he is a good dog.


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