Taipei Woman Moves 100 Dog Rescue Operation to Farm

 |  Feb 5th 2007  |   1 Contribution

What a dedicated woman!

This article came from the China Post.

Taipei woman with over 100 dogs moves to farm

The China Post staff

A Taipei woman who took in more than one hundred stray dogs has run out of room in her apartment and moved the dogs to a farmland in Taitung County.

Lin Wang Mei-chiao started taking in stray dogs more than two years ago when she took in the first stray that she found without fur huddling in a corner.

Since then, Lin's group of strays has outgrown her two-floor apartment, and after complaints by neighbors on the dogs' noise, Lin hired a twenty-ton truck and transported all of the dogs to Taitung County. Lin has made sure that every dog is taken care of, dividing them into four different areas according to their size and personality.

Dogs that get along with each other are put together, said Lin.

While small dogs sleep together in wash bins, mid-size dogs get their own bed and big dogs dream on long benches, with all of the sleeping arrangements clean and tidy, said Lin.

Lin said that the dogs which had been defensive and shy on the streets have now grown accustomed to people thanks to her care and attention.


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