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Surf Dog Ricochet Raises Money for Canine Colorado Fire Victims

The Pet Oxygen Mask Fundraiser provides lifesaving equipment for dogs suffering from smoke inhalation. Donate now!

 |  Jul 6th 2012  |   0 Contributions

Colorado is at the mercy of a storm of fires. The fires have dominated headlines, and they've forced about 32,000 residents out of their homes. While many of the fires are now mostly contained, firefighters are still working day and night to bring them to an end.

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While the fires in Colorado are mostly contained, firefighters are still working.

Some of the fires' most devastated victims, however, are the ones who cannot ask for help. Like humans, pets suffer from smoke inhalation. But unlike humans, firefighters and paramedics are not equipped to provide life-saving oxygen to animals. The reason? The oxygen masks simply do not fit.

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Pet oxygen masks are designed specifically for animals in need. Image via The Emma Zen Foundation.

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A pet oxygen mask in action. Image via Surf Dog Ricochet.

Fortunately, Surf Dog Ricochet -- who took first in her category at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition -- has teamed up with The Emma Zen Foundation to raise money to purchase pet oxygen masks for the various fire departments on the front lines, so that no creature -- human or pet -- is left behind.

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Former service dog Ricochet helps raise money for people with disabilities. Photo via Surf Dog Ricochet.

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Ricochet on a wave of hope. Photo via Surf Dog Ricochet.

Each pet-oxygen-mask kit includes three sizes and costs about $73, but every dollar counts. The effort to equip rescue personnel with masks is not limited to Colorado -- Surf Dog Ricochet wants to see every state's fire departments armed with these life-saving devices. If you are declined, the donation page for the Pet Oxygen Mask Fundraiser is yonder.


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