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This week's Sunbear Squad tip is especially important due to the high number of foreclosures and people abandoning their houses, and unfortunately, sometimes their pets.

Watch Tip of the Week Nov. 1:

Listen for pets trapped inside while households travel during the winter. Check garages and sheds. Accidents happen!

Here's more info on Sunbear from founder of Sunbear Squad, Anna Nirva. Please exercise more awareness with the traveling months coming. Remember Sunbear's story. He was accidentally trapped when his owner traveled for work. His owner thought that he had found a new home for Sunbear, but communication broke down. Sunbear waited for 6 weeks in a townhouse laundry room with a bag of food outside the door. His new family never came. His owner never checked to make sure than Sunbear was picked up by his new family as planned.

Do you know of moving or traveling households? This is extremely high risk for companion animals. Some families intentionally abandon their animals, but banks don't know and don't inspect the property for weeks. Some families think that arrangements are made for care, but miscommunication can cause days or even weeks of starvation and dehydration.

If you live in a neighborhood with many foreclosed-upon properties, check on those homes, every one. Call out near windows and doors. Do you hear cats or dogs call back?

Please remember that you may save a life. Thank you for all you do to help companion animals in distress!

Please forward this email to animal-lovers. Encourage them to become animal welfare defenders!

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