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 |  Oct 19th 2009  |   0 Contributions


The cold weather is approaching and Sunbear Squad offers up a great tip of the week to keep in mind.

Watch Tip Week of Oct. 18:

Watch for protruding backbones, ribs, and hips before winter coats hide these signs of neglect. Look at every pet you pass.

If you're not sure what a starving dog looks like or what you need to look out for, read this story sent over from Anna Nirva, the founder of Sunbear Squad.

What does a starving dog look like?


This dog was considered to be "emaciated" dog, level 5, in life-threatening condition. He was immediately rescued by law enforcement and the county humane society. Notice the protruding backbone, and ribs, and the jutting hip as revealed by dark shadows. Note that the collar is hanging from the neck, where it formerly fitted. This photo also indicates signs of neglect: feces on the ground and the short chain wound around the post.

You can read the story of this dog's rescue by clicking here, the picture is graphic. He was one of the "Lucky 13" from Vernon County, WI, and 4 dogs were found dead.


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