Sunbear Squad Tip Of The Week

 |  Sep 28th 2009  |   0 Contributions


Have you ever wondered what the animal welfare laws are in your state? The Michigan State University College of Law: Animal Legal & Historical Web Center has a great site where you can access this information.

On the left side of the page, find the "Select by State" menus, and choose your state in the "US Law" submenu. A new page will display. Read the "Statute Name" and to find "Consolidated Cruelty Statutes" and click on the "Citation" link, where you will find actual texts.

Watch Tip Week of Sept. 27

Watch for spring's puppies and kittens now banished to the back yarddo they have shelter, food and water? Talk with the owners or the authorities.

This website is truly an invaluable source of information, it covers everything from assistance animal laws to veterinary practice laws. Thanks to our friends at Sunbear Squad for letting us know about the Animal Legal & Historical Web Center.


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