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Another great tip from our friends at Sunbear Squad, along with how to make a Roadside Kit so you'll be prepared for an emergency.

Watch Tip Week of Sept. 13:

Watch for pets along rural highways that have been injured by farm machinery during the harvest seasonbe prepared to act quickly.

Here's some info from founder, Anna Nirva, on the importance of being prepared to act quickly with your Roadside Rescue Kit.

The father of a friend of mine just lost his beloved 8-month-old dog tragically. The Blue Heeler mix puppy scampered in front of a moving farm wagon. Quick as a blink Daisy was dead. Vehicles of all kinds are extremely high risk to companion animals as well as wild animals. Daisy could not have been saved, but many animal-vehicle collisions are not fatal. Muddy Puppy and Duke each survived one, read their stories.

Make a Roadside Rescue Kit for your vehicle and be prepared to help animals along roads and highways. The kit uses many simple items that you keep around the house. You may save a life! Find instructions here.

Please forward this email to animal-lovers. Encourage them to become animal welfare defenders!

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