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It's hard to believe, but Labor Day is right around the corner. Here's a great tip to keep in mind for the upcoming weekend from our friends at Sunbear Squad.

Watch Tip Week of AUGUST 30:
Watch for lost dogs and cats around the Labor Day holiday weekend. Dogs and cats traveling with their families sometimes take fright and run away.

Founder of Sunbear Squad, Anna Nirva, shares a story with us this week about a beloved pet she lost during a family trip. She titled it "Even in Safe Families, Bad Things Happen to Companion Animals." Though the incident happened almost 50 years ago I can't help but see the parallel between her story and Robin Starr's.

It's very easy to judge Starr, but when you look at her story from another perspective, change a few details, it gives you a different insight. What if Starr's dog Louie had been Tiger from the story below, would it still be unforgivable? Maybe you would never accidentally leave your dog in a hot car, but what about if you are walking your dog and he slips his leash and tragically gets hit by a car. Are you now a horrible pet parent or was it just a tragic accident?

Here's Anna's story...

This week's Watch Tip is dedicated to the memory of Tiger, my family's beloved Rat Terrier. We lost him nearly 50 years ago on a family trip.

hen I was just a child of about 8 or 9, our family was driving home from our grandparent's lake cottage in southern Minnesota, which was about 3 hours away from our Wisconsin home.

It was a hot summer evening, nearly dusk, and the car windows were rolled down (no air conditioning in cars back then). We rolled to a stop to make a turn near the edge of a small town, when suddenly Tiger jumped from my mother's lap out the window and ran as fast as he could toward a large, tree-filled neighborhood.

In the growing dark we hunted for him. Eventually my parents decided to drive on, but I was heartbroken. I worried about him so. We never learned what happened to Tiger.

To this day, we don't understand why he jumped out or what he was chasing. He was usually well-behaved, but he would not come to our calls for him that night.

I hope a Good Samaritan found him and that he lived a happy, long life with another family.

Thanks for all you do to help animals in need!


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