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 |  Aug 17th 2009  |   1 Contribution

I want to thank our friends at Sunbear Squad for a great story to go along with this week's tip.

Watch Tip Week of AUGUST 16:

Watch for dogs and cats that are near or on railroad tracks, which like roads are very dangerous to animals. They might not pay attention to oncoming trains and may be killed. Chase them or lure them away.

Passerby Saves Dog Frozen to Train Tracks

A construction worker driving to a Wisconsin restaurant on a sub-zero day noticed a dog sitting on train tracks, and noticed the dog hadn't moved when he passed again an hour and a half later, so he pulled over.

Jeremy Majorowicz figured something was wrong. And he was right. As he approached, he noticed that the dog was shivering hard. He approached and offered a bite of muffin to the dog, which was refused. He tried to call the dog to him, but the dog didn't attempt to move. So Majorowicz phoned law enforcement, and animal control was summoned as well. In the frigid afternoon air, a team of men puzzled over the dog.

Police officer Tim Strand guessed that the dog may be frozen to the train tracks, and he lifted up the tail. The dog was frozen fast. Strand freed the dog by yanking him by the tail, leaving a lot of hair in the ice. The dog yelped, but he was free. Ten minutes later, a train came through. The dog was taken to Chippewa County Humane Association, and was immediately treated for hypothermia and named "Ice Train." He was later adopted. "I have two dogs myself, so I didn't want to leave the dog if there was something wrong," Majorowicz said.

Are you as alert as that construction worker? Would you have stopped on a frigid day like he did? He saved that dog's life. How did the dog get there? Presumably the dog was wet when he sat down on the metal track. We'll never know the beginning of the story, but it is the end that is most important.

On Aug. 14, 2002 Sunbear died, the dog who was the inspiration behind Sunbear Squad. Veterinarians and clinic staff had tried valiantly to save him from the effects of long dehydration and starvation. He was discovered on Aug. 11, after being trapped in the dark, lonely townhouse laundry room for about 6 weeks.

Please light a candle in memory of Sunbear this week, and say a prayer for all suffering animals alive today, that they will be helped before it is too late.

Learn how to become a good Samaritan to animals, read more inspirational stories, and order a neighborhood watch kit on the Sunbear Squad site.


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