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Along with this week's tip we have a story from a Sunbear Squad reader who put this tip into action.

Watch Tip Week of AUGUST 2:

Listen for dogs barking in parked vehicles-go hunt down the owner immediately. Heat stroke kills dogs. Be a Good Samaritan for animals. Act fast!

A Parking Lot Rescue:

A few weeks ago on a very hot summer day, I was in a grocery store parking lot walking toward the entrance, and I saw a little poodle-type dog standing up inside a car, trying to breathe through the window which was open just a few inches.

This poor dog was panting so hard that it could hardly stand up. Well I knew that it would soon keel over from heat stroke on that hot day. Heat stroke kills dogs. I used to work in a vet clinic and saw many dogs die of that.

I went to the service desk and asked them what to do, but they didn't seem to have a public address system I guess. So I went up and down the aisles asking everyone I saw if they had a little poodle-type dog in a white sedan, and eventually found the owner.

I told him his dog was going to get very sick if he didn't get him out of the heat right away. He wasn't real friendly, let me tell you. But he did go outside and I guess he must have turned on the air conditioning, because a bit later he found me in the store and thanked me. He said he didn't realize that he was inside the store for such a long time.

-Kay in Wisconsin

Way to go Kay! You can read more rescue stories on the Sunbear Squad website.


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