Sunbear Squad Tip Of The Week

 |  Mar 9th 2009  |   1 Contribution

I just want to take a moment to address one of the comments left concerning the tip of the week. One of our readers had a concern that Sunbear Squad advocates calling 911 without any forethought, that is simply not true.

On their website they have a 10 minute tutorial to help guide you through the signs of animal abuse and what to look for. One of the items is about observing pets. It states, "Always be alert when you see a pet. Observe the pet's condition, environment, and apparent situation, like a humane professional would. Use your critical thinking skills. Make this a mental habit." It talks about checking back several days in a row, not just making a rash decision and calling 911.

Sunbear Squad's philosophy is about watching, listening, and then taking the appropriate action if deemed necessary.

WATCH TIP for Week of Mar. 8

Watch for protruding spines, hips, and ribs as winter coats begin to shed out. Remember, you may be the only one who notices. Call the authorities!

Being a good Samaritan for animals means evaluating the situation in its entirety, using commonsense, and if necessary stepping in and being the voice for those who would otherwise have none.


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