Sunbear Squad Tip Of The Week

 |  Feb 16th 2009  |   0 Contributions

Winter is in full force, this is a great tip from our friends at Sunbear Squad.

Week of Feb. 15:

Watch for bloody dog and cat tracks caused by cracked and frozen pads. Find the pets and help them get shelter.

Last month I did a post, Protecting Your Pup From Winter's Freeze, and one of the suggestions to keep your dog's paws safe was to use cooking spray.

PAD PROTECTION: When leaving her home, she sprays her dogs' paws with cooking spray. This prevents ice balls from building up between their pads and gives them some protection from the rock salt, too. When she gets home she rinses off her dogs' paws.

Don't forget, it's not too late to get your FREE Neighborhood Watch Kit so you can be a good Samaritan to animals. Join the pack to stop animal cruelty, you can make a difference.

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