Sunbear Squad Tip Of The Week

 |  Nov 10th 2008  |   2 Contributions

This week our tip from Sunbear Squad came along with a very important message:

"This week's tip seems unbelievable, but it is a real problem. At our county shelter just a few weeks ago, we took in a stray with a too-tight homemade nylon rope collar embedded in a poor dog's neck. Under the rope we found raw muscle and skin, all around the neck.

In some neglectful homes, once the dog is collared and chained to their permanent spot, they never get attention again. They get enough food and water for sustenance, and that's it. The puppy grows into an adult. No one notices that the collar is too tight.

I'm always glad when neglected animals come into our shelter. They will get good homes finally."


Watch for collars, chains, dog houses, and kennels that are too short or small for growing puppies.

Be A Good Samaritan For Animals

Even in loving homes this could happen. When someone adopts a dog from a shelter the dog is usually very skinny. Once the dog starts getting to a normal weight it's easy to forget that the collar needs to be adjusted, something to be mindful of.

Thanks for to our friends at Sunbear Squad for this great, and potentially life saving, tip of the week.


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