Sunbear Squad Fights Animal Abuse in Name of Departed Dog

 |  Apr 13th 2006  |   1 Contribution

SunBear Squad Logo

There's a new group working to prevent dog neglect and cruelty, the Sunbear Squad. Named after a young male chocolate Lab who died of human neglect (and may I say human stupidity? -- Joy). He was locked in a West Virginia townhouse laundry room for six weeks before he was discovered. Neighbors who heard the poor dear did nothing to rescue a dog who could have been very easily saved.

This site offers all-original guidance, knowledge, and tools to help individuals prepare to report signs of animal abuse, neglect, and distress promptly. In other words, "Be a Better Good Samaritan for Pets!"

The site also has some really good sections about emergency preparedness and instituting neighborhood watches for dog abuse and neglect. One section I particularly like is the one on dog slang and how it reflects negatively on our furfriends, "Using Dog Slang Hurts Dogs."

Thanks Anna N. for writing in about the Sunbear Squad!


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