Stolen Dog Returned to 80-Year-Old Woman

 |  Nov 11th 2010  |   15 Contributions

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Helen Bignone no longer has to worry about finding her dear Deuce

Great, heartwarming news! The 80-year-old woman whose Yorkie was stolen in a street robbery on Oct. 30 has been reunited with her beloved dog.

"There's so many good people in the world," Helen Bignone told the San Francisco Chronicle after Deuce's return last night. "I'm on top of the world. Life is good, and people are wonderful."

Last night, a woman who had bought Deuce for $20 from a man and woman on the street several days after the robbery saw a news story about Deuce and realized she had Bignone's dog, according to the Chronicle. She contacted authorities, who scanned Deuce's microchip and confirmed his identification. Within a very short time, Deuce was back home with his ecstatic owner.

"They were both overjoyed to see each other," Alameda police Lt. Sean Lynch told the Chronicle.

Bignone said Deuce was exhausted and slept all night.

Suspect Christopher Perkins, who has two previous drug convictions, remains in jail.

Bignone never gave up hope of finding Deuce. I love that her optimism has been rewarded, that her faith in people's goodness has not been shaken, and how people lived up to her expectations and hopes. There's a lesson in this for all of us on not-so-good days.

You can read about the details of the story in our previous Dogster post about the robbery.

This is such good news! Between this and the story about the "euthanized" dog going to live the rest of her days (months? years?) on a farm, it's been a great week for bad stories turning out wonderfully. And who can't use a dose of that?


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