Stay George Stay

 |  Oct 30th 2008  |   13 Contributions

Please take a moment to read about George and sign the petition on behalf of him.

George has lived with his loving companion for nearly 5 years at Town Village Retirement Community. He has given smiles and warmth to all that have crossed his path.

Residents in the community know him by name and look forward to seeing his sweet face and being able to pet or walk him. Just recently a complaint was made to management about his size.

Without hesitation management has given George 2 weeks notice that he must leave his loving companion of 10 years. Please sign this petition in favor of George and his elderly companion so that they might stay together and continue to bring not only companionship and love to one another, but to many others who have come to know and love him in the community.

If you feel George should not be banished because of one complaint you can help by signing his petition. Keep in mind, he has never been a threat to anyone, this is simply because of his size. George may be what keeps his human going, it would be very sad to separate them.


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