St. Louis' Gateway Pet Guardians Robbed, Loses All Supplies

 |  Aug 30th 2006  |   1 Contribution

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Bad news for one St. Louis rescue group (and the pets they save)! Gateway Pet Guardians, one of the smaller but very agile rescue groups working in the St. Louis area was robbed a few days ago. Here's the message I got from one of their supporters, Amy Pizano.

If you live in or around St. Louis keep an eye out for the articles. If you're with a pet supply company or some other organization that can offer some help to the Gateway Pet Guardians, that would be good too!

Early this morning, a couple of Jeep Liberty vehicles were stolen from an apartment building parking lot on Lafayette (between Jefferson and Grand). Not a huge deal for the city of St. Louis; except for the fact that one of the cars belonged to the Adoption/Foster Coordinator for Gateway Pet Guardians of St. Louis. She held an event last night for the rescue, arrived home late, and left her car filled with the rescue's belongings (crates, forms, beds, adoption event table items, banner, etc). The items only total around $1,500 (not much to many, but this is all that Gateway Pet Guardians has).

We lost four large folding pet crates, a two-story cat condo, two boxes of a brand new printing job of forms and foster manuals for the rescue (cost us over $400 in printing), two new dog beds, a vinyl banner, collection jars, everything for the table at an event...table cloth, photo frames, photo album, etc etc).

If you could mention just a blurb of this on the news, possibly we would find some help. Also, ask people to keep a lookout in their alleys for these items; perhaps they were dumped by the theives.


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