Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa Directs Government to Continue Sterilization and Immunization of Stray Dogs, Bans Killing of Strays

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Happy barks for President Rajapaksa and Sri Lanka!

Shouldn't some animal welfare organization recognize President Rajapaksa and his very humane government for their marvelously enlightened way of addressing the stray dog population?

Thanks to Sri Lanka News for this article.

No Kill Policy on dogs to continue

COLOMBO:President Mahinda Rajapaksa has directed that his order to stop the killing of the dogs for the control of dog population and rabies eradication should be continued further.

The Minister for Local Government and Provincial Councils was informed by the President shortly before Poson Full Moon last month that the No-Kill policy introduced by him to mark the 2550th Buddha Jayanthi celebrations last year should be continued, and that humane methods such a sterilisation and immunisation of dogs should be used more extensively for the eradication of rabies and dog population control.

The President gave this directive when he was apprised of the latest situation regarding the implementation of the No Kill policy by Sathva Mithra Friends of Animals.

It has been brought to the notice of the President that after Cabinet approval was obtained for a new Rabies Act, arrangements were being made by some local authorities and public health institutions to resume the killing of dogs for rabies eradication and the control of dog population.

President Rajapaksa has also informed the Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils that no licence fees should be levied in the rural areas for the registration of dogs, and also that in no instance should the non-registered dogs be killed.

The No-Kill policy on dogs was introduced by Presidential directive in May last year in keeping with the Presidents commitment to the eradication of cruelty to animals, and following policy statement in the Mahinda Chinthana. I consider cruelty to animals a disgrace on humanity. I therefore propose to amend, without delay, the outdated laws on prevention of cruelty to animals.

Until the killing of dogs by local authorities was stopped by Presidential Directive last year, dogs were killed under the Rabies Ordinance introduced by the British colonial rulers more than 100 years ago.

In keeping with the directive to continue with the No-Kill Policy, the Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils is expected to expand work on the sterilisation and immunisation of dogs. It will also obtain the participation of animal welfare organisations, religious organizations and the private sector in carrying out this work.



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