Spork Gets Reprieve!

 |  Mar 12th 2010  |   12 Contributions

Spork is free to run and play (if he even can with that belly!)

A judge today ruled that if Spork, the 10-year-old dachshund who bit a Colorado vet tech, is a good boy for the next six months, the vicious-dog charges against him will be dropped.

So as long as he doesn't harm anyone -- and he doesn't exactly appear to be Cujo -- the end of his family's multi-month nightmare will be over.

"I'm glad it's over with, and I'm glad our dog is safe for now," Spork's owner Kelly Walker said after the hearing, according to dailycamera.com. "Emotionally, this has been hard on everyone involved."

Spork was facing possible euthanasia or a life-in-a-kennel sentence for biting the tech on the face during a painful procedure. Dogsters and thousands of others from around the world rallied around the 17-pound dog and his owners.

For more on the judge's decision and Spork's case, click here.


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