Spay Death Question -- Dane Companion Wants Answers

 |  Apr 6th 2006  |   4 Contributions

May requested that the following piece be cross-posted so I'm passing it on to the Dogster community. If you have any information to pass on to May contact her directly at

I'm a Dane person - have been for about 10 years now. We've recently seen a HUGE increase in the number of deaths resulting from routine spays in Dane bitches in the past year - these are simple, no-problem spay surgeries, following the protocol set up by our own GDCA health and welfare committee for anesthesia use, etc.

It's gotten so bad that I rescheduled my own bitch's surgery THREE times, before finally cancelling it. I'm just too paranoid.

Can those of you who are active in other breeds, whether it be show or rescue, who have a good network of friends do some checking - see if the incidence of death in your respective breeds seems to be increasing after routine spays? We're really wondering what the heck is going wrong here. After the THIRD loss in less than a week, we're all very, very scared.

We've had some really tragic losses of some wonderful girls this past year, and it's making us all step back and really think about whether there's a bigger problem going on (like vets not properly trained, not following proper procedures, WHAT?) and rethink spaying our own dogs...

Any ideas? Correlation in other breeds? Etc...

Bark out to May if you know anything that might help her and the Dane girls.


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