Spanish Dog Lover Stays in Touch With Other Dog Lovers Through Dogster

 |  Apr 24th 2007  |   1 Contribution

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Sometimes we forget how much Dogster can mean to our dog-loving friends. Thanks to Jacqueline for barking in from Spain about what Dogster does for her. Jacqueline is the furmom of Dogsters Saskatchewan and Layla.

I would like to thank all of you at dogster , the best thing ever when i discovered your site, by mistake , but heaven sent.

I have lived in spain for the last 10yrs, in rural spain, not many english, or any other nationality, only spanish. What a ifferent idea to animals they have. Closer to the big citys they are changing , there are laws now about animals, against cruelty, etc, etc, but upholding these laws in the rural comunity is impossible.

We are moving soon to a village, where only 22 people live, they all have dogs , they dont ill treat them , but none are vacinated , none have tick and flea treatment, none are spayed or castrated, and they all just roam around the village all the time!!!So its going to be a learning curve for them, as my dogs are my family, they live in my house , etc. etc. etc., like normal. It has taken 9yrs to find a kennels where i would put my dogs while i was away, I found one. An english lady runs one an hour and a half drive from us, so we use her now. And in the next couple of weeks i will be going there to train my dogs, to walk on the leash , etc. etc. I am really excited about this as it will be the first time i have been able to in years. When i lived in uk its what i did , and i worked for 15yrs in dog rescue.

So all in all, your site has given me back my life, i thought i would never be able to speak freely about dogs without people here thinking i was mad. So thank you DOGSTER, now i dont know what i would do without you.

yours sincerely,
jacqueline wright


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