So Much for "Man's Best Friend"

 |  Feb 23rd 2010  |   8 Contributions

The dog certainly doesn't look like someone who would point the finger at his best friend (Photo: AFP)

A faithful and enthusiastic Jack Russell terrier inadvertently revealed his owner's hiding place to police in Germany on Monday, resulting in the man's arrest.

The accidental canine snitch spoke not a word, but simply stood in front of the small cupboard where the 52-year-old man was hiding, and wagged his tail expectantly while looking toward the closed door.


According to an AFP story, "This prompted the officers to investigate the cupboard...where they found the man 'hunched up inside.' "

What must the man have thought as he uncurled himself from the tiny space and looked at his dog's eager, grinning countenance. No doubt the dog was thinking, "That round of hide-and-seek was fun! Let's do it again!"

Police did not tell AFP the name of the man, or the dog, or why they were arresting the man.

The man will not likely be bringing Fido a nice big box of dog treats when (if?) he leaves jail on bail.

(Thanks to Dogster fan, Phil, who kindly brought this story to our attention.)


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