Snoop Dogg Branded Dog Items Coming Out Soon

 |  Apr 12th 2006  |   2 Contributions

Snoop Dogg

What do Rap music and dogs have in common? Until now, not much. That's set to change soon when rapper Snoop Dogg's agreement with Jakks Pacific Inc. unleashes a new line of pet products with the Dogg's name on it. Petville reports that the original announcement came out in the Boston Herald in Novermber. According to the Petville article the new line will include a wide variety of items including pet beds, leashes and treats and will be sold in mass merchandisers, pet store and specialty stores.

From the press release on the Jakks Pacific website it looks like Shoop is trying to broaden his appeal to a few more species.

"Snoop Dogg's love goes beyond people -- it is for living creatures throughout the universe," stated Snoop Dogg. "How can I be Snoop Dogg and not show my love for pets?"

So when are we going to see the this potential Doggster speaking out on behalf of his new fans and customers? Snoop could be a great voice in teaching greater respect and care for our fur friends, not to mention "Dogging" animal abusers. How about it Snoop?


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