Sniffer Dogs...In The Bedroom

 |  Oct 24th 2008  |   14 Contributions

That's right, sniffer dogs are being used in the bedroom. Not just any bedroom, your teenager's room is the target for these dogs.

Sniff Dogs, which operates in New Jersey and Ohio, use retired police dogs to now work in the private sector. So much for retirement.

The dogs are highly trained to detect illegal drugs but don't come cheap, $200 an hour is the going rate.

Sniff Dogs claims to offer a "discreet service" that avoids the confrontation that comes from drugs tests because the search can be carried out without the knowledge of their children.

The company cites statistics showing half of American schoolchildren have tried marijuana and that most drug taking takes place when they get home from school.

This is interesting concept, but does it cross the line. Do you think it's alright for parents to go into their kid's room with a sniffer dog, or is it an invasion of privacy?


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