Sleeping Dogs Channel Premieres with a Yawn

 |  Mar 19th 2008  |   1 Contribution


Now here's an idea that will put you to sleep -- a whole web channel with only sleeping dogs.

Thanks to WOW TV for putting me onto the Sleeping Dogs Channel.

American families own about 73 million dogs, and dog videos make up almost 10% of all online video content on user-generated sites. Seventy percent of people sign their pet's name on greeting cards, while 58% include their dogs in family portraits. World of Wonder decided to tap into this canine cultural Zeitgeist by showcasing dogs doing absolutely nothing apart from the occasional twitching leg in a new WOW TV channel called SLEEPING DOGS. "Remember the Yule Log television program which airs around Christmastime? Well, this is the Yule Dog channel," said Fenton Bailey of the strangely compelling online destination. "The Yule Log was originally a televised Christmas gift for people without fireplaces," added Randy Barbato, "This is our gift to people who can't experience the joys of watching a sleeping dog firsthand. Who needs Valium when you can just log onto Sleeping Dogs?"

WOW TV is an internet venture which allows users to create and brand their own broadband networks. WOW TV already has strong launch period traction with 200 channels and 2,600 subscribers. Viewers can catch up on the sleepy dogs here, where they're invited to send in videos of their own snoozing hounds.


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