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Jake, post-skunk, post humiliating late-night anti-skunk bath in front of neighbors and passersby

Late-breaking news... Jake went for a fashionably late walk with my husband last night. He left smelling just a bit doggy. (Jake, not Craig.) He returned smelling like Pepe Le Pew. Craig said he didn't really notice much smell. "I thought the skunk just got the other dog and missed Jake," he said. Craig would be legally blind if his eyes were in his nose.

We stashed Jake in Craig's office downstairs, since Craig wouldn't notice the stench anyway. We ran out and got baking soda andtwo quarts of hydrogen peroxide. When we returned, the smell hit us (well, not Craig) before the key was in the door. Laura mixed the brew according to our favorite skunk remedy recipe, on went my latex gloves, out came the dog from the office, and 20 minutes later we were done. He smelled, but only like a wet dog. The remedy works every time. He hadn't been skunked fully in the face, as he had before, so didn't require the "rinse and repeat" step that's often necessary. He's now lying on a thick mattress pad on "his" human chair, covered by a towel, the memories of the embarrassing bath in front of curious neighbors already starting to fade as he dozes off.

When's the last time your dog got skunked? Do you have a favorite skunk remedy? Please share! (Does tomato juice ever work? It never did for us. It just made Jake turn a weird shade of light pink.)


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