At least not when it comes to destructive behavior. A study done in the UK used more than 3000 dog owners to find out what breed does the most household damage.

You may be surprised to find out the innocent looking pint sized chihuahua comes in at number one.

They might be tiny, but when it comes to destroying things in the home, the pint-size chihuahuas can be monsters, that”s what a new list of the world’s most destructive dog breeds claims. The peewee pooches are ranked just behind Great Danes in the list conducted by pet insurer Esure, reports the Daily Telegraph.

So, what is your best friend doing to occupy himself when you’re at work and how much will it cost you in the long run?

The items most often damaged were soft furnishings and electrical goods – used as makeshift chew-toys – and vases and lights, knocked over by wagging tails.

According to the survey, chihuahuas and great danes clock up repair bills averaging 1376 dollars and 1420 dollars respectively during their lifetime.

I remember shortly after we got Bo a friend had given us the book No Bad Dogs: The Woodhouse Way by Barbara Woodhouse. I don’t remember who gave it to us, but obviously it was someone who knew what we were in for.

One day after Lisa and I got home for work we noticed Bo had eaten half the book. I guess Bo’s way was not the Woodhouse way.

Do you have a funny tale of destruction to share? Give me a bark.

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