Six Flags Rescues Dog from Scorching Car, Loses Dog

 |  Sep 14th 2011  |   109 Contributions

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A Pomeranian like Malibu

A Pomeranian named Malibu was prostrate from heat in a car at Six Flags Magic Mountain when security staff broke a window and rescued her. They brought her to the Six Flags kennel and revived her with water and cool air temperatures.

But when they were replenishing her water, the little dog bolted, heading for the parking lot of the Southern California park. She has not been seen since.

Her owner, Shalanon Brooks, who says Malibu is "medically prescribed," says the zipper broke on the dog carrier she'd brought, so she decided to leave the dog in the car with water and snacks and the windows cracked. She thought Malibu would be fine, but temperatures outside got to 80 degrees. Inside the car, it was roasting.

Brooks is distraught. "I don't know how I'll go back home without her, I don't know how I'll live in my house without her," she told CBS Los Angeles. Six Flags is trying to help locate the dog.

Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think, Dogsters. Do you feel for Brooks because she misses her dog so much, or do you think her actions were utterly irresponsible? (Or both?) If she finds the dog, do you think she should get to keep him? Some activists are saying no way. We'd love to know your thoughts.

(Update 4 pm Sept. 14: Brooks has sent a tweet to CBS2 saying that Malibu has been returned after the people who found her saw the below TV report.)


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