Sign Petition to Boycott Amish Goods Until Their Communities Close Puppy Mills

 |  Apr 9th 2008  |   40 Contributions


Now this is a petition I can REALLY get behind! It seems the only way to get the message across to Amish communities that puppy mills are evil is to hit them economically.

Thanks to Karen S. for barking in this petition. It only takes a moment to sign and all our signatures are important.

Here's more information from the Boycott Amish products until puppy mills are discontinued petition.

To: Amish & Mennonite puppy mills
I will boycott all Amish products until puppy mills are stopped. This is greed in its worst form and this is how consumers make their demands known. I simply will not buy Amish products while this practice continues.

And before you start saying that boycotting Amish products will affect people who aren't participating in puppy mills, think again. Amish communities are very closed to and extremely disinterested in what they call the "English." That's all of us, btw. Unless their leadership declares puppy mills are off limits, the Amish puppy millers will keep up their dirty work. The only way to convince these puppy millers to quit is to make the whole practice very expensive to the WHOLE community.

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