Sign Petition Against BSL in Dublin, Ireland

 |  Aug 12th 2007  |   8 Contributions


We can support the Staffie and Pit Bull type dogs who are being unfairly discriminated against in Dublin, Ireland. Sign the petition and let the Dublin City Council know we are all watching their actions.

If you think this Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) does not apply to you, think again. Unfair discrimination against any breed in any part of the world, supports BSL in each and every town and country.

Thanks to Leeann for barking in this petition announcement from DoggySnaps.

Dublin City Council has recently banned 11 breeds of dog (including Rottweilers, Bull Terriers and German Shepherds) from all their properties, including houses, flats and estates. Existing tenants are being given a chance to rehome their animals, but if alternative accommodation can't be found, then the dogs will be destroyed. It also seems likely that these breeds will be banned from public parks - which means dog owners living in private accommodation will also be affected.

A petition to reverse the decision has been organised by Irish lobbying group ANVIL (Animals Need a Voice in Legislation). So please sign the petition today by clicking this petition link ...

and please pass this email onto everyone you know who cares about dogs.

To find out more about this injustice, you can visit our forum here.

As we all know, it's a small minority of irresponsible owners that give breeds a bad name - to punish an entire breed and all its owners is simply ridiculous. We are urging Dublin City Council to punish "deeds not breeds."

Whilst you may not live in Ireland, breed-specific legislation is becoming more commonplace all over the world, so please help us to send a signal to legislators everywhere that dog lovers will unite to oppose ill-informed, cruel laws which punish innocent dogs and their owners.

On behalf of everyone at ANVIL and DoggySnaps, thank you for your invaluable support.


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