Siberian Husky Rescue Position in Alabama -- Needs Rescuer Immediately!

 |  Oct 19th 2006  |   1 Contribution

This sad news came to me via the HolisticWeimList. If you are a rescuer looking for a way to dedicate your life full-time to Siberian Husky rescue, check this out.

My heart goes out to Robert Hudson. It appears his life has been worthwhile and his greeting at the Rainbow Bridge will be joyful.

Dedicated Rescuer dying - PLEASE READ/CROSS POST
need help w/in 6 weeks
Please cross post to help Robert during this time:

For more info call him at 205-672-7370 or

Dear Michele,
Here is a recent letter I've sent out to all rescue people. I have terminal cancer and need to get someone here within the next 6 weeks. So that is why I am offering this. Here is my ad.

Looking for individuals or a couple to take over a Non-Profit animal sanctuary dedicated to Siberian Huskies. Free home and payment of living expenses for those with a strong dedication to animal care. Those applying should be a non-smoker and able to relocate soon. The home is furnished with a Master Bedroom, a second bedroom, large kitchen, wash room and an
in-home office furnished with computers and DSL connection.

There will be assistance and volunteers close by to help get started with the animals already there. The Rescue Ranch is located south of Birmingham, Alabama in a beautiful countryside setting. The "indoor" Dog Room" has a wash area to make kennel cleanup easy and is connected to the main living area for maximum control and ease of care.

The position must be filled immediately and no later than by Thanksgiving. Those interested should call Robert Hudson at (205) 672-7370.


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