Should Our Dog Expenses Be Tax Deductible?

 |  Apr 17th 2007  |   2 Contributions  logo.jpg

Just as tax day is becoming a memory some people are thinking ahead.

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CITIZEN LEGISLATOR: Dogs (and Other Pets) Should be Tax Deductible Like Any Dependent
This week a citizen like you from Bayport, NY wrote to Congress to propose that dogs be tax deductible like children or any other dependent. Read their proposal. Do you think Congress should introduce a law to make pet costs tax deductible? Tell Congress. Preliminary results are 49% in favor of making pets tax deductible like dependents. One person says it will make us treat them better. Someone else replied that once they evolve to being potential taxpayers then maybe we can reconsider. One citizen told Congress pets are a choice like children and cost nearly as much. But one person opposed felt that some would get more dogs just for the tax some do with children.

Follow this link to tell Congress to make dog expenses tax deductible.


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