Sheffield Dog Survives 100ft Cliff Plunge

 |  Aug 31st 2006  |   1 Contribution

Is this some sort of new doggie scheme or group initiation we don't know about? It seems like every week another dog jumps off a cliff, especially in the UK. What's going on over there UK Dogsters?

This comes to us from BBC News.

A dog has survived a 100ft fall down cliffs in Whitby and escaped unscathed, to the amazement of rescuers.
Elmo, a Staffordshire terrier from Sheffield, ran off the edge of cliffs at Saltwick Nabb on Tuesday morning and plunged out of sight of his owners.

When a sea search failed to find him, coastguards climbed down the cliff and spotted him caught in undergrowth a few feet from the bottom of the rocks.

The Humber coastguard said Elmo was lucky to be alive.

Dial 999

"He didn't need to see a vet and was over the moon to be brought back to his owners," said watch manager Andrew Mahood.

He said Elmo's owners had been right to call the coastguard instead of trying to rescue him themselves and urged anyone walking their pets in the area to keep them on a lead.

"Accidents can happen to anybody and we understand that," he said. "But animals can be unpredictable and people who have their pets near water or cliff tops should keep them under control.

"People should not try to save animals themselves. Use the 999 line and we will send people who are properly trained and equipped to help them."


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