Sheepdog To Be Featured In Taiwanese Guide Dog Campaign Ads

 |  Jun 21st 2006  |   0 Contributions

CNA reports that a sheepdog will be the star of an ad campaign supporting the rights of guide dogs and their people in Taiwan.

Officials from the Taiwan Guide Dog Association said Friday that it will use a sheepdog to serve as a "goodwill ambassador" to help promote the rights of guide dogs.

Association officials said there are around 50,000 visually impaired people in Taiwan, but only 11 guide dogs. Although the law clearly states that guide dogs or young guide dogs being trained can move freely around public transport and businesses, many places still deny access to guide dogs.

The association has therefore focused on a "no denial of access" concept in its campaign activities this year, the officials said, adding that Alpha, a lively seven-month-old sheepdog featured in a TV program, will appear in a series of campaign ads.


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