Share Poems About a Boy and His Dog With Grieving Family

 |  Apr 22nd 2008  |   3 Contributions

Do you have a favorite poem about a boy and a dog? If so, please share it with a heart-broken boy.

Debbie barked in to ask for help with her family's loss. Her son's coonhound Buck met an untimely end and her son is grieving.

Please don't tell Debbie that Buck should have been inside with her son. I agree but let's try to help her son find some solace in Buck's movement to the Rainbow Bridge.

Debbie, my furbaby Annie, also a coonhound, sends her sympathies, along with those of the rest of the Ward Pack.

I am so lost.

My son 15 raise his walker coon dog from a pup hunting him every night he could. He was so proud of the job he had done. He would take him to hunt with grown men and win. I can't tell you how much he
loved this dog and we awoke this morning to fine he had gotten out of his pin and got hit by a car and had died. See this man had gave him a dog to train with his dog Buck and the new dog dug out of the pin and buck followed.

My son is so heart broken. How do i help him? What to i say ? I was looking for a poem that talked about the love and bond between a boy and his dog. Any advice?


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