SF Organization Keeps Dogs and Patients Together -- Paws Are Wonderful Support

 |  May 16th 2006  |   0 Contributions

PAWS person
Paws Are Wonderful Support (PAWS) is a great organization. PAWS:

is a volunteer-based organization that provides for the comprehensive needs of companion animals for low-income persons with HIV/AIDS and other disabling illnesses. By providing these essential support services, educating the larger community on the benefits of the human-animal bond, and advocating for the rights of disabled individuals to keep service animals, PAWS improves the health and well-being of disabled individuals and the animals in their lives.

That's the basic description but what it means in client's lives is much more than can be written in a paragraph. Imagine if you were diagnosed with a terrible disease AND then you were forced to give up your furbaby because you couldn't afford to care for her. How horrible would that be? Well, PAWS folks must understand that because they are dedicated to keeping the patients and their pets together.

How can you help? If you're in the San Francisco Bay area you can volunteer. If you're out of town you can consider supporting PAWS by buying a shirt or two off their web site. You can also buy a copy of Emily Scott Pottruck's Tails of Devotion. Sales of the book benefit PAWS and other pet charities.


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