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Serendipity: Driver Dumps Dog Right In Front of a Dog Lover's Home

A surveillance camera captures the heartless act, but Gracie quickly found herself embraced in loving arms.

 |  May 22nd 2014  |   3 Contributions

Toni Luisi is a dog lover, so when a cute, happy dog turned up at her gate the other day, she didn't just shoo her away. She took the dog in, checked to see if she had a tag -- she did not -- then took her to the vet to see if she was chipped. Nope.  

Then, curious, she checked her surveillance footage. She has a camera that records the street in front of her house. What she saw made her burst into tears. 

A silver SUV drives into her cul-de-sac and stops in front of her house. The driver lets the dog out -- she stands, confused, behind the car. As the SUV drives off, the dog runs after it, chasing her owner, but 20 seconds later she's back in the frame, walking back to the stop she was dropped off. With nowhere to go, she returns to the very spot her owner dumped her. 

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"How can anyone hurt this beautiful thing?" Luisi told KSNV. "I was crying, I couldn't stop. ... How could someone do this? God's creature. A beautiful animal. Why?"

Another question might be: How could a dog be so lucky as to be dumped in front of a certified dog-lover's home? Gracie had been on her own no more than 20 minutes before she wandered up to Luisi's gate, attracted by her dogs. Gracie's ordeal was over. 

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Luisi gave the dog her name -- Gracie -- and is determined to find her a good home. Due to the press coverage, she's received hundreds of emails from people eager to adopt the dog.  

“With all of the people emailing, it’s not going to be easy to choose a new home for her. But one of the emails was from a woman who said her son is a cancer survivor and he would love Gracie as his pet. It brought tears to my eyes. I’m going to call her,” Luisi told NBC. “That got my heart.”

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But getting Gracie a good home isn't Luisi's only goal. She's furious that someone would dump a dog like that, and she wants to make sure it never happens again. 

"You cannot do this again, no you cannot," she told KSNV. "This is serious. How do you treat your children if you kick your dog to the curb? I hope your friends know who you are, because someone does."

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As Gracie wiggled in her arms during the KSNV interview, showering her with kisses, Luisi was brought to tears.

"I don't want them to get another animal, ever," she said. "They don't deserve a loving animal, not at all, especially Miss Gracie. Nobody's ever going to hurt you again."


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