Seized Breeder Dogs Up For Adoption

 |  Nov 19th 2008  |   1 Contribution

In Tampa, FL the PM Tinies breeding facility owner is facing criminal charges.

Two weeks ago the Department of Animal Services stepped in and seized over 30 dogs, of various small breeds.

Starting today at 11a.m. the Hillsborough County Animal Services, located at 440 Falkenburg Road in Tampa, will place approximately 30 of the dogs for adoption.

Those wishing to adopt dogs from the breeder seizure may be subject to special restrictions, home visits or other screening by Hillsborough County Animal Services.

Most of the dogs will require spay/neuter surgery and may not be available to leave immediately.

The dogs offered will range in age from 8 weeks to 14 years of age, and many suffer medical issues such as heart worms, heart murmurs and periodontal disease.

For the first 24 hours priority will be given to Hillsborough County residents.

Out-of-County residents (non-Hillsborough) are encouraged to consider other adoptable pets or visiting the shelter on Thursday, November 20th to check availability of these dogs.

If interested stop by the Hillsborough County Department of Animal Services, there you can get contact information and adoption paperwork.


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