Seeking Canine Blood Donors

 |  Feb 15th 2010  |   5 Contributions

Dogs are "rolling up their fur" and giving blood as never before, thanks to an increase in the number of canine blood banks that rely on volunteer donors.

But it's not nearly enough. The need for blood still outstrips the availability. And when dogs are injured or severely ill, being able to get blood quickly can mean the difference between life and death. A single donation can save up to four lives, according to an excellent article at

"People understand how important it is to give blood," Ann Schneider, director of the Eastern Veterinary Blood Bank, told CNN. "In this case, it's their pets that can give and help save an animal's life."

Ask your veterinarian if your dog qualifies to be a donor. Good health, up-to-date vaccinations, and a fairly mellow demeanor are important. Your vet may be able to tell you where your dog can donate blood. The American Veterinary Medical Association hotline page lists several large, reputable animal blood banks around the US. These blood banks should be able to supply you with further information if you can't locate a blood bank locally.

If you want to learn more about doggy blood donation, the CNN article is a must-read. You can find more excellent information on the procedure and blood banks at BellaOnline.

Has your dog ever donated blood or received it?


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