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 |  Apr 9th 2009  |   2 Contributions

Passover is going to the dogs, literally. Your pup can join in a pet Seder at the Wigglyville pet store in Chicago.

WHEN Robert Uri Heller, a psychologist and professor at the Adler School of Professional Psychology, leads a Passover Seder in Chicago on Saturday, some of the rituals symbolizing Jews' exodus from Egypt may be lost on the yarmulke-wearing guests.

Those guests will, after all, be dogs.

The Seder, which will be conducted at a pet store, Wigglyville, is being sponsored by Evanger's Dog and Cat Food Company to promote its kosher varieties, which have been endorsed by the Chicago Rabbinical Council.

Dr. Heller, who keeps kosher and feeds Evanger's to Lilly, his wheaten terrier, has led Seders for dogs at pet stores in the past, "much to the chagrin" of many at his synagogue, he says.

"They say, How could you do it for dogs, isn't it sacrilegious?' " Dr. Heller said. "And my answer is, We're having fun.' "

For Evanger's, though, it is serious business. Holly Sher, who owns the company, which is based in Wheeling, Ill., said that in the week before Passover she receives dozens of calls from Jews, who sometimes learn only a few days before the week long holiday that she makes kosher food, and want her to send a 24-can case overnight. The cost of shipping alone to New York, where she has sent many of the orders, is $110, added to the cost of the food, more than $70 a case for some varieties.

For any pups in the Chicago area who have no Passover plans this sounds like just the ticket. Head to Wigglyville for good food, good friends, and a good time all while keeping kosher.

* Pic of Ella at last year's Sedar courtesy Joshua Lott/Chicago Tribune


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