Seattle Groomer Cuts Off Piece of Dog's Ear, Glues it Back on with Super Glue

 |  Feb 16th 2007  |   15 Contributions

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I understand that accidents happen but, come on! When someone leaves their furbaby in your hands, its your job to care for them just like the guardian would! And then to try to hide the problem... Sheesh!

My sympathies to Jasmine!

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Groomer Accused Of Cutting Dog's Ear Off, Super-Gluing Back On
Woman Says Dog Ear Fell Off During Bath

A dog groomer in Seattle accused of cutting off a dog's ear and then super-gluing it back on before giving it back to its owner could face charges.

Anni Sheriffius said she was giving her pet Shi Tzu, Jasmine, a bath after a trip to the J'Raes Pet Grooming when the dog's ear fell off.

"And I saw the ear float away and it freaked me out," Sheriffius said.

Sheriffius rushed her dog to the veterinarian's office where she was told that her dog's ear had been cut off and super glued back on.

The dog had to undergo treatment for an infection.

Sheriffius said she still has the ear in a plastic bag and has been crying for weeks at the thought on someone injuring her dog.

Pierce County sheriff's investigators are looking into possible criminal charges against the unlicensed dog groomer.

"Once they tried to hide it and glued the ear back on, that's not good for the dog," Det. Ed Troyer said. "There are all kinds of things that can happen, (including) infection. It is cruelty to animals."

The shop were the pet was allegedly injured appears to have closed down, a Seattle TV station reported.

Follow this link to read the rest and watch the video.


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