Saxon the British Police Dog Saved!

 |  Oct 17th 2006  |   2 Contributions


Great news from the South Wales Argus -- Saxon the police dog who was being retired from service and faced possible death due to perceived behavioral problems is to be spared!

I am sure that the people who know and love Saxon would want to thank everyone who signed a petition or wrote a letter to ask the officials to space his life!

Thanks to the N'Walins Gang for posting this wonderful news to President Isabel's Animal Abuse Commission Group!

Saxon saved

SAXON the police dog will not be put down after a report recommended he be placed with an experienced handler instead.

The future of the five-year-old German Shepherd was in the balance when Gwent Police branded him "dangerous" earlier this year.

He had worked as a police dog for four years but was declared "unfit for policing purposes" and withdrawn.

Further checks were carried out, including one to see if Saxon could work as a guard dog for the Prison Service, but he was found to be unsuitable.

Now Gwent Police have accepted a report by dog expert Charles Wall following an independent four-week assessment and say he will be re-homed as a working dog.

Mr Wall said Saxon initially displayed "very dominant behaviour, jumping up to shoulder height, growling in a confrontational and aggressive way", both towards people and other dogs.

But he concluded the recommendation to put Saxon down was "unfounded", saying Saxon should be placed with an experienced dog handler in a working environment.

Follow this link to read the rest of the article.


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