Save a Life Stroll

 |  May 14th 2006  |   1 Contribution



Join the Save a Life Stroll and let others see your support for no-kill shelters. Dogster Poncho got this stroll moving.

Poncho wrote:
Hi Joy,

After working with animal rescues for over a year and reading up on the statistics of animal shelters North America wide, I thought it was about time dogs and their furless ones showed just how much we love our canine wonders.

Each day, of every month, of every year, many homeless animals are put to their deaths. Euthanization has become an "easy" solution to deal with the overpopulation of animals which live in this world. WE humans brought them into this world and now WE are punishing them for something they have had no control over.

The "Save a Life" stroll was started to allow members to show their support for No-Kill Shelters. Many shelters and rescues are out there which DO NOT euthanize their animals. These animals are loved and cared for until the day they find their forever home. I would really love it if you could mention our stroll in your blog, as we are relatively new and could use some more support.

Thanks for listening,
Poncho's Mom
One PROUD supporter of NO-KILL shelters!

Thanks Poncho and Poncho's Mom for starting the Stroll! Okay dogsters, that tag is Save a Life.


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